Vegetable Nutrition Facts:
How Plants Create Nutrients

What’s amazing about plants and in the context of vegetable nutrition facts is that they create A-L-L the nutrients our bodies need. They engage in the most simplified manufacturing process to supply us with vitally energizing essential foods in the form of carbohydrates and other chemical compounds.

And in their ‘digestion process’ they convert inorganic materials from the dust of the earth as elements, into organics that are aptly fit by natural design for human consumption and assimilation. Energy from the sun, some hydrogen and carbon dioxide fuel this transformation process, causing our planetary forests, trees, shrubs, plants, vines and organic agricultural endeavors to grow and flourish naturally and majestically.

We appreciate the biochemistry of nature and their vegetabl nutrition facts

We humans are in awe of the splendor of natural vegetation - plant life. We thrive on the positive energetic vibrations of our gardens, flowers and wooded environments.

My friend, within the hierarchical scheme of the food chain, plants are the smartest and HEALTHIEST EATERS of all living organisms.

Yet, we desist from eating our vegetables! Talk about food as medicine! Vegetable nutrition facts! When it comes to healthy eating, plants are indeed naturally smart.

Next come the herbivores and the carnivorous species.

The wildest of carnivores eat and live healthy, free of disease, because they exist without interference of scientific food technologies in their daily eating. They don’t shop in supermarkets for food tinkered with chemicals, nor do they crave and consume refined processed labeled goods.

AND they eat their food… RAW!

Besides, their bodily structures starting with the teeth and stomachs, are physiologically designed to digest flesh.

Humans… emphatically, NO!

Back to plants…

Vegetable Nutrition Facts
Why Is Keithos

A Plant-Eater?

Now, with regards to vegetable nutrition facts, I am sharing with you here mere intuitive understanding.

Why am I a whole foods plant-eater (or vegan) for over 20 years?

Because of my processing over the years of vegetable nutrition facts.

Let me share some insights garnered.

Here goes…

The forces of polarity exist in everything and in no-thing. Green leafy vegetables above the ground are positive – absorbing sunlight. Underground root vegetables are thus negative, having a different effect, yet still positive, on our bodies, constitutionally.

The green tops of underground vegetables balance out the negative energetic influences of their root systems or tuber components.


The cellular life force of plants is attuned to and is in alignment with the rate of energetic vibration of our bodily cells.

Yet you and I don’t eat soils.

And we certainly don’t engage in the biochemical activities of photosynthesis, an appreciation of which is integral to plant-based nutrition and thus, the nutritional values of vegetables.

All the elements in vegetables as nutrients thus become highly refined naturally, versus the minerals in the soil. All this empowered energy within plants is vital to the pH balance of the body. And when we eat plants, we thus create a massive generator of health in our bodies called the immune system.

We thus need them both. Vegetables that grow above the soil and those in the ground.

Plants have an electrical nature. And we need the nature of plants as our prescription to electrically charge and recharge our organs, tissues and bodily fluids into higher and higher versions of health.

Those people who seek to heal and refine their bodies, who need to reverse disease, and thus live a healthier life, are in dire need of the purest of elements packaged in plants. They have to get right with their vegetable nutrition facts and say goodbye to the pharmacopeia of prescribed drugs.

Healthy eating of natural plant-based whole foods as medicine must become the pharmacy to renewed health.

In fact, let your vegetables be your medicine and your medicine be your vegetables.

Knowledge of vegetable nutrition facts result in healthy benefits to eating vegetable phyonutrients

Remember that paternal voice of your childhood that echoes ‘eat your veggies…’

Now is the time to listen to that voice.

Those of you who are experiencing good health yet seek to eradicate any impending activity toward disease, get right with your vegetable nutrition facts.

What about the active sports people, the peak performers?

Exercise creates a lot of metabolic wastes. Those marketed sports drinks. Beware! Many are garbage formulations.

Get right with your vegetable nutrition facts.

Do your own vegetable juicing. Mix and match your veggies and fruit to create your own vegetable smoothie that is truly nourishing and naturally detoxifying.

Everyone else… Get right with your vegetable nutrition facts! And eat lots more raw foods too.

This is just a microscopic overview of the vast array of vegetable nutrition facts available. Yet to me, scientists will take hundreds of years to fully ‘discover’ the complex divine nature of plant nutrients as food and as medicine. In the process, you and I become the guinea pigs of their scientific findings, conclusions and suggestions, as supplements and pharmaceutical drugs.


Make sure you get your required range of phytonutrients from plant-based whole foods. Taking indiscretionary amounts of supplements and drugs over time may pose health risks, ranging from toxicities to nutrient displacements in your body.

Just remember, there are incredible amounts of synergistic effects of all the naturally-occurring compounds in a whole food vegetable or fruit, beneficial to your body than in those bottled in a supplement or in a prescribed medication.

Phytochemicals increase the nutritional values of vegetables

It is just extraordinary, bordering on the miraculous, that plants engage in a phenomenally natural, yet a most simplified, manufacturing process.

They employ raw materials as sunlight, some water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and a bit of soil nutrients to internally create carbo(n)hydrates such as glucose and fructose.

Carbo(n)hydrates are the foundation of life. All animal species are in need of regular supplies of these sugars to sustain cellular activity within bodily systems.

As a vegan, I can tell you that the human body thrives on fruit and vegetable sugars. You don’t have to be concerned with protein, nor calcium. Just consuming the widest variety of plant-based whole foods takes care of A-L-L your nutrient requirements.

You just don’t need meat or animal protein.

So know your vegetable nutrition facts.

And to tap into an alphabet list of vegetables and other foods that you may need nutritional details of, go to the healthy eating pyramid, for instructions to link to THE WORLD’S HEALTHIEST FOODS. You can explore every aspect of the healthy benefits of this listing of healthiest foods by category.

Pineapple plant has phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory properties

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