Vegan Food Pyramid for Best
Health-Generating Foods

The vegan food pyramid includes natural organic whole foods most suitable for maintaining health and restoring vitality. This pyramid facilitates a dietary lifestyle rooted in the principles of plant-based nutrition.

Vegan food pyramid for optimal health.

In structuring your meal planning around the vegan food pyramid, you don’t have to worry about adequate sources of protein nor your calcium needs. Just eat a variety of these foods daily and you will receive all needed nutrients.


All nut butters, high-fat fruits and high-fat vegetables are indeed very high in fats. So for starters, if you are looking at weight loss foods, sparingly go easy on these! And if you seek to increase body mass, have fun eating these high-fat whole foods.


They are rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrate, fats and oil. The germ, endosperm and bran of whole grains are intact. Hence you can sprout these grains. Refined grains will not sprout for the bran and germ have been removed and the remaining endosperm is only carbohydrate.

Consume your whole grains and leave the refined ones alone especially if you are on the treadmill of the a to z medical diseases. Individuals with for example, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high triglyceride levels, obesity and hypertension will achieve tremendous health benefits from whole grain consumption, when combined with other foods in this vegan food pyramid.

The gluten component is the hub of the protein nutrient in grains. So if you are gluten intolerant, stay away from wheat, barley and rye.

Grains will fill you up; keep you grounded and solid.


This is the engine room of your diet. Fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious and healing foods on this planet. Consume them most liberally. Eat them. Juice and drink them!

Tubers are the family of vegetables that grow underground.

Many tubers need to be peeled and cooked. Cut them into smaller sizes for easier and faster cooking.

Check out the outer peripheries of grocery stores – the produce sections, where you find fruits and vegetables to locate your tubers. That’s where you should be shopping anyways. For food. Not within the aisles!


Foods at the other top of the healthy eating pyramid are leafy green vegetables and legumes. If you are concerned with imbalances between Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, eat more low-fat green vegetables and minimize on grain consumption.

Some leafy green vegetables are: kale, spinach, cabbage, bok choy, collard and mustard greens.

Some legumes are: soy, peas, lentils and beans like red, pinto, green and garbanzo. These legumes tend to be good sources of dietary fiber.

You can obtain protein from all foods throughout this pyramid. Yet these legumes inclusive of grains, nuts, seeds and food derivatives from soy are quality foods with protein.


Food choices according to this vegan food pyramid will lead you to drinking adequate amounts of water naturally, on a daily basis.

Exercise is always necessary and integral to a healthy lifestyle. And exercise is especially beneficial to the lymphatic and skeletal systems.


Be open and receptive to new meal options.

In food stores, you can find several commercial brands of dairy milk substitutes. Soy, oat, rice, hemp and almond are some common base materials for these brands.

They can taste fine and be enjoyable. As substitutes, they are good transition foods. Yet these milks are processed foods. Read your labels especially for ‘other ingredients.’ Be satisfied with your choices.

And what about making your own homemade milk substitutes? Will be fun…

Remember, your tastes buds will change as you discover and acquire new flavors in your whole foods plant-based meals. Your taste and longing for meats will fade away. The foods of this vegan food pyramid are capable of doing that.

And don’t forget your spices and herbs. Create sauces and add herbal flavorings to your meals.

This vegan food pyramid is really indeed the best example of a healthy eating pyramid.

Pineapple belongs to the fruit group in the vegan food pyramid.

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