Minerals in Plant-Based
Whole Foods Best for Body

The human body can most easily utilize minerals in food that come from plants as fruits and vegetables. Your metabolism depends on plants to convert vital inorganic microscopic rock crystals into mineral nutrients that the body can assimilate.

Minerals are elements that originate in the earth through geologic processes and cannot be made by living organisms. Plants obtain minerals from the soil, Most of the minerals in our diets come directly from plants or indirectly from mostly herbivorous animal sources.

Other sources of minerals in food are those that are added or fortified into manufactured food products. We also obtain minerals from the water we drink, as well as from vitamin and mineral supplements.

Note that the mineral composition of soil and water varies according to latitude and longitude. Being conscious of agriculture by geography becomes ‘food for thought’ as we embark on nutritionally sustaining our bodies.

We need minerals for overall proper bodily function and structure. These nutrients are stored primarily in bones and muscle tissues.

Minerals function as coenzymes enabling energy production, growth and healing to take place. Mineral deficiencies can trigger off imbalances that create dysfunctional activities in the body thus contributing to disease formations.

And that’s why a whole foods plant-based diet becomes of utmost value to your health.

We need a variety of fruits and vegetables for all the minerals in food our bodies need.

For, if you don’t eat your vegetables and fruits every day, you are in trouble, unknowingly creating diseased conditions in your body.

For optimal health, the body is in need of small amounts of minerals in food in doses of milligrams and micrograms.

Sixteen of these are essential nutrients. A plant-based whole foods diet is the best way to fulfill these needs.


Because a whole foods plant-based diet is nature’s infallible way of maintaining superior health and vitality, to live our lives unencumbered by disease, allowing us to age gracefully and to die or expire peacefully.

Today modern westernized man and woman die from sickness and disease. People are rarely dying from natural causes.

From our diets, we need macro-minerals such as sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium and phosphorous.

Macro-minerals are present in virtually all cells of the body, maintaining general homeostasis and are required for normal biochemical functioning. Acute imbalances of these minerals can be potentially fatal.

Then there are the micro-minerals or trace elements. Some key ones are: zinc, iron, iodine, cobalt, selenium, chromium, manganese and molybdenum.

The human body needs these dietary minerals in very small quantities.

Remember, don’t become too preoccupied with individualized minerals and vitamins. Channel your efforts on sourcing and eating wholesome plant-based foods of the widest varieties to obtain minerals and other phytochemicals.

That way you will receive A-L-L the nutrients your body needs.

Otherwise you will end up on the see-saw of the supplements industry consuming a host of individualized and combination products going through mathematical headaches trying to balance out your nutrient equation.

Yet, supplements can have short-term value.

Focus and trust in the natural universal benefits and values of wholesome plant foods.

Plant-based nutrition is all about shifting your relationship with food towards improved health and vitality and away from sickness and disease.

We can all live and die disease-free. Animals in their natural ‘wild’ habitats do it. Our forefathers did it. And some of us today still do. Yet too many of us have lost touch with reclaiming our health – living and dying with multiple symptoms of disease(s).

We are getting minerals in food from eating chemically processed commercial foods and animal carcasses.

The best dietary source for minerals in food is a plant-based diet of fruits and vegetables, wholesome grains, nuts, seeds, legumes and tubers. These foods are also more than good sources of protein.

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