Low Fat High Protein Diet:
Yet Still More Disease

With a low fat high protein diet nutritionally induced diseases still persist unabatedly. The low fat trend in nutrition was really a stamp of approval to further increase consumption of animal protein – without the fat.

How did this diet become so popular in the kitchens of millions of homes in modern societies across the globe? And is this diet really a healthier choice?

And what were people eating…

…before their new-found low fat high protein diet?

They were stuffing themselves with…

… too much meat, too much dairy, excessive amounts of dietary fat, a bit of lettuce for vegetables and flavored sodas for fruit…

… hot dogs, cheese burgers, French fries, milk shakes, fried chicken, tacos…

They were eating excessive amounts of animal foods high in protein. And this diet was slowly killing them. It made them sick, tired, obese and diseased. And they became incurable.

And what did they do next?

Through the synergistic efforts of some governments, medical and health gurus, and of course the power of the media and mass communications, people switched from animal foods high in protein to a low fat high protein diet that really meant: eat more of the same animal foods.

And with a low fat high protein diet they heavily consumed even more and more of the same foods typical of an animal-based diet.

And why is this?

A Loathed Word – FAT

The processed food manufacturers, the meat and dairy industries were ready and awaiting the quantum shift in the anticipated new food choices of the masses.

Modern food technology aided the manufacturing process in churning out an array of no fat and low fat animal-based foods. It was just more of the same – meat and dairy - and these foods continued to make consumers sick and unhealthy.

Low fat and no fat food products with supposedly new good sources of protein just surfaced everywhere – easily available and trendy. At the same time there was a parallel ascendency of fad diets and gym exercise programs.

And this has been going on for about the last two decades.

Being involved in the business of health and wellness over the years, I have listened to the voice of the masses. I counsel and help them make better healthy eating choices so that they can cope with their illnesses, diseases and impending fears of disease.

In spite of a diet of reduced fat intake!

It’s amazing that they don’t realize a diet primarily of animal foods is making them sick, is the root cause of all their diseases.

And you know these diseases: cancer – breast, prostrate, colorectal, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases… I call them the a to z medical diseases.

Meat and dairy consumption is synonymous with disease. A low fat high protein diet of animal foods still create disease in the body. That’s the reality.

The power of the media and print helped us develop an aversion to the word F-A-T.

Low fat and no fat have been the new mantra in food nutrition. Food technology has scientifically stripped most or all fats from the wide range of foods available for eating. And the people followed the recipes of dietary nutritional advice based on the gospel of low fat.

And still they continued to be chronically diseased.

People have confided and whispered to me of their reduced consumption of meats and that they are eating more fish and chicken. And yes… of course,

… they switched to low fat and skim milk.

Yet remember these milk hormones antibodies and bacteria are units of proteins and they still remain an integral component of low fat and skim milk. They can confound your immune system. Low fat or full cream, milk proteins will introduce you to diabetes, autoimmune diseases and lots more.

Restaurant menus even facilitate a low fat high protein diet dining experience. And the fast food chains retooled themselves operating 24/7 to appease the cravings for supposedly low and no fat.

I tell you it’s more of the same. Just without the fat.


The cholesterol levels remain sky rocketed, diabetes always has a starring role and is everywhere, with the youngest to the oldest, heart attack has a younger clientele, and of course Mr and Mrs Cancer stubbornly remain entrenched.

And tell me…

How come obesity just seems to literally get bigger and bigger and especially amongst the younger ones?

Is it because the low fat high protein diet trend, like yesteryear, still remains without a sufficient input of plant-based whole foods?

I think so. I really think so.

People are healthier when they switch from a low fat high protein diet to whole plant foods.

Let’s stay healthy my friends.

And let’s keep our children nutritionally safe and healthy too.

Let’s keep smiling as we choose to eat from a plant-based whole foods menu in our homes.

And hopefully soon, we can be served foods according to the dictates of plant-based nutrition in our restaurants, work and recreational places and schools.

So think about it.

Is a low fat high protein diet adversely impacting your health or that of your loved ones?

A switch to whole foods with protein from a low fat high protein diet is the answer.

Pineapple is good for digestive issues caused by a low fat high protein diet.

Disclaimer: The advice given here is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information for educational purposes only. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider. All the content of this website is based upon the opinions, experiences and research of Keith F Gittens – Keithos, unless otherwise noted and is not intended as medical advice.

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