Visual Guide of
Heart Disease Pictures

Here are some heart disease pictures that pinpoint symptoms you are NOT to ignore. I am also recommending a slide show on how to eliminate dietary cholesterol.

Medicinenet’s website has an alphabetical Listing of Medical and Health Slideshows. When you click on the link, scroll down the page to the letter H section. You will see the following 4 slideshows related to heart disease.

#1 Heart Disease Pictures Slideshow: A Visual Guide to Heart Disease

The slideshow has 30 pictures on heart disease, symptoms and heart attack symptoms in women and how cardiomyopathy can lead to heart failure. Some congenital heart defects can only be discerned into adulthood and pose a higher risk of developing further heart disease complications. Explanation of electrocardiogram testing of heart’s electrical activity, echocardiogram and x-rays. How erratic heart beats and sudden cardiac death occur. Treatment – angioplasty and bypass surgery. Risk factors and heart disease prevention.

#2 Heart Disease (Coronary Artery Disease) Pictures Slideshow

With these 22 pictures, see what cholesterol looks like, also blood clots in the arteries, and recognize major risk factors that lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Understand symptoms of heart disease that differ for men and women. Role of medication and invasive procedures as treatments. Diet and lifestyle changes.

#3 Heart Health: 12 possible Symptoms Never To Ignore

These 17 pictures offer warning signs and risk factors: cough, dizziness, fatigue, body pains, weakness… DON’T IGNORE THESE!

#4 Heart Health – Atrial Fibrillation

Atrial Fibrillation 23 Picture Slideshow: Visual Guidelines to Causes, Tests and Treatment. Unsteady heartbeat can cause stroke and heart failure, warning signs, danger of blood clots, treatment options…

#5 Cholesterol – Lowering Cholesterol: 15 Tips To Avoid Heart Disease

Under letter C is a slide show of 19 heart disease pictures on cholesterol.

Good vs bad cholesterol and dietary changes towards a whole foods plant-based diet. Exercise and weight loss are beneficial to reversing cardiovascular disease.

Heart disease pictures suggest a whole foods like pineapple to aid cardiovascular health.

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