Healthy Foods to Eat:
Organic Ingredients are Best

To qualify as healthy foods to eat, substances that enter our mouths must not contain any worthless or harmful ingredients. Everything we eat should be made up of basic naturally occurring organic compounds in the form of fats (fatty acids), carbohydrates, proteins, sugars, starches, minerals, vitamins and salts.

Those who eat animal foods – meat and dairy products – assume that the human stomach is designed to effortlessly handle every conceivable combination of these foods.

I don’t. Meat and dairy products can ferment, spoil, rot and create blockages in the stomach and intestines. Such spoilage will create toxic poisons.

Animal proteins are not the best and most suitable healthy foods to eat. In fact the stomach copes with animal food combinations at a high price called indigestion. Then damages to several components of the entire gastrointestinal tract eventually occur.

Animal foods cause disease and if you want to help your body cure itself, then you have to remove the cause of disease – namely animal proteins in the form of meat and dairy foods.

Remember… plant-based whole food is nature’s prescription to mankind.

So here is a listing of some raw materials as nutrition that will maintain, restore and empower your health.

Sweet Fruits banana dates dried figs raisin sweet grape prunes
Acid Fruits pomegranate tomato lemon lime grapefruit sour apple
orange sour plum sour peach pineapple sour grape sour peach
Less Acid Fruits huckleberry mango mangosteen cherimoya sweet plum apricot
sweet apple sweet peach papaya sweet cherry pear fresh fig
Grains amaranth barley brown rice buckwheat bulghur couscous
millet oatmeal quinoa rye spelt wheat
Legumes garbanzo green beans lentils peas pinto beans red beans
Nuts almond brazil nut cashew filbert macadamia pine nut
Seeds chia flax hemp pumpkin sesame sunflower
Tubers cassava dasheen dahlia eddoes potato yams
Melons water melon casaba Crenshaw melon christmas melon persian melon nutmeg melon
banana melon honey balls honey dew pie melon cantaloupe musk melon
Sugars brown sugar agave nectar brown rice syrup maple syrup date sugar honey
maple sugar xylitol rapadura stevia sucanat vegetable glycerin

Each part of a plant offers different combinations of nutrients.

Orchards of fruits and vegetables are healthy foods to eat.

Plants provide us with raw materials as food from their roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits.

So choose wisely.

Some people attempt to transition from a 100% animal protein diet to a whole foods plant-based diet very swiftly.

This can be challenging for the body to adapt to.

And you need to become intuitive with your body.

An individual can experience feelings of discomfort and even be sick as the body detoxifies itself through the withdrawal stages of no more animal foods.

You have to acquire an appreciation for natural simple foods while at the same time having your taste buds dramatically rejuvenated.

Pineapples are healthy foods to eat.

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Green Vegetables celery broccoli brussels sprouts cabbage cauliflower cucumber
kale lettuce endive sweet pepper spinach watercress
dandelion chard okra collards chive mustard
parsley eggplant green corn sorrel onion scallion
leeks garlic zucchini asparagus radish bamboo sprouts