Healthy Eating Pyramid for
Whole Foods Plant-Based Diet


I've been able to find a healthy eating pyramid that truly reflects a whole foods plant-based diet that consistently fuels the greatest health for humanity with the absolutely lowest incidence of diseases.

It is also suitable for a vegan food pyramid.

And how is this pyramid beneficial to you? Its design reflects meal planning in accordance with the principles of plant-based nutrition.

Plant-based nutrition is all about shifting your relationship with food towards improved health and vitality and away from sickness and disease.

And that's exactly what Julieanna Hever MS, RD, the architect of this plant-based food pyramid has accomplished. Hers is the supreme best healthy eating pyramid for all of humanity.

Quoting from her website,, this is what Julieanna Hever has to say: "My vision is the acknowledgment of nutrition by a larger majority... as the most successful, least invasive treatment modality... My role as a health coach is as a messenger and teacher of the ideal medicine - a whole food, plant-based diet."

I am truly thankful to Ms Hever for having constructed this healthy eating pyramid that I can now present to you.

Healthy eating pyramid with whole foods that provide adequate nutrients for a plant-based vegan diet.


… let your breakfast, lunch, dinner AND all snacks be of a whole foods plant-based diet while gradually eliminating meat, fish and dairy, processed refined foods and drinks, added sugars, salts and dietary fats from your meals.

Your energy levels will increase; you will exercise more, effortlessly. You can grow muscle and increase weight with this diet. O-R, you can shed excess pounds!

Your health will improve. You can reverse sickness like heart disease.

Your athletic performances will break barriers and you will achieve and surpass your personal best times.

Purchase organic natural whole foods as much as you can. Grow your own if possible. Connect with local farmers. Eat well. Eat a lot of variety and eat enough.

It may seem as an expensive outlay. Yet in the long run as your health and overall performances improve, it’s much cheaper than being on an animal-based diet. Besides, you no longer will be on the highway of sickness, disease and general health problems.

That’s huge savings indeed!

Something extra...

To find out more about specific foods from this healthy eating pyramid that interest you, visit World's Healthiest Foods. You can explore every aspect of the benefits of their listing of healthiest foods by category.

Then, they give you In-Depth Nutritional Profiles. I consider these profiles invaluable. They help you understand and appreciate what you are eating, CHEMICALLY.

So bear with me here.

The following four steps are cues to find these profiles. Read these steps thoroughly first, then proceed to click on the link.

As an example, let’s say you are interested in almonds.

STEP ONE: Click on the link World’s Healthiest Foods. It opens up unto another page from this one. You will see all the major food categories on the top of the page starting with Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts & Seeds.

STEP TWO: Under the category Nuts & Seeds, click on Almonds. As you scroll down the page, you find everything conceivable about almonds under varying subheadings.

STEP THREE: SCROLL A-L-L THE WAY DOWN (really all the way) to the bottom of the page until you meet a small 5-column table of nutrients for almonds.

STEP FOUR: Remember we are searching for an In-Depth Nutritional Profile.

Immediately sandwiched between the foot of this small 5-column table and the final subheading, in this case, References, You will see the following phrase In-Depth Nutritional Profile for Almonds.

in this phrase, click on the final word -- Almonds.

The page opens up unto a comprehensive in-depth nutritional analysis.

Well done! You did it.

I can suggest you look into some nutritional facts on fruits and vegetables.

Review the healthy eating guide.

Pineapple fruit is a whole plant-based food

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