Healthy Eating Guide
for a lifestyle of

Plant-Based Foods

This is your healthy eating guide for natural plant-based foods as medicine.

Do you know how to change your diet from disease-producing foods to a natural healing plant-based diet of food as medicine?

Follow this health eating guideline for a vegan healthy lifestyle of whole plant-based foods.

You have here a healthy eating guide as a companion through the next ten weeks as you adapt to creating your own U-nique recipe of healthy eating. You are learning how to become a vegetarian and the benefits of a vegan diet – the only dietary program that is truly of plant-based whole foods.

Just remember that going vegan vegetarian is an intellectual, emotional and even spiritual decision. Yet it requires months of discipline and dedication to adapt physically in body to a vegan lifestyle.

So be patient.

Burn some brown rice, over-cook the vegetables and accidentally spill your mouth-watering juice smoothie all over your recently purchased vegan cookbook!

Have fun with this…

Find out how eating natural foods and dishes is a day-to-day adventure to your taste sensations. And that it is so physiologically pleasing to your health!

Just imagine…

TOTAL enjoyment of your food, your plant-based medicine!

Healthy Eating Guide

Weeks 1 to 3


Do a complete physical as well as have your blood work done.

Make recordings of the following measurements: weight, waist, upper thigh, widest part of chest and biceps.

You will appreciate all of this in week 10. Then you repeat these steps, compare and evaluate the positive results and feel even better about yourself.

For these 3 weeks, shop around for your natural foods, and sample them too. Prepare your mind and gastric juices for some new food sensations.

Check the health food stores in your geographical area. Ethnic stores and groceries can be rewarding fun places to pick out a few items and cuisine ideas.

Evaluate your need for the most appropriate kitchen aid appliances. You may want to invest in something new.

Herbs as food, can provide you with both culinary and medicinal benefits. Get yourself some herbal teas. You can use many herbal remedies for conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart problems…

Some herbal remedies and prescribed medications can be used together. Yet be mindful of certain herbs and drugs interactions.

Get familiar with vegan vegetarian restaurants and also ethnic restaurants within proximity of your home and work areas. Identify any fresh juice/smoothie bars or outlets. Ensure that their juicing recipes and menus are based on whole foods vegetable and fruit.

Dining out like this will help you to become familiar with healthy meal planning ideas as the creative vegan chef in you emerges.

Healthy Eating Guide


These are primarily refined foods.

They are the highly processed plant foods that are devoid of key macronutrients like vitamins, minerals, trace elements, antioxidants and especially fiber. Modern food technology and science is the architect of these artificial foods created for your health demise.

They are simple carbohydrate foods, loaded with varying sugars and sugar substitutes. One of which is high fructose corn syrup, a favorite in these processed foods.

Refined foods are highly addictive. They are ‘designer foods’ that manufacturers and their marketing gurus have targeted to different consumer profiles, segmented by age, gender, socio-economic brackets.

These chemical foods eventually desensitize your taste buds for good natural organic whole foods. And they are conveniently available everywhere, very cheap. Their chemical profiles trigger off food cravings. These foods never satiate your hunger and nutritional needs. So you eat them more and more, junk food.

Many give up meat eating, even fish and some dairy - and that's good. Yet they eat a lot of simple carbohydrate processed junk foods as described above. I refer to them as junk food vegetarians. Most of the time they just don't know the principles of whole foods plant-based nutrition.

Then there are the various hydrogenated oils and fats. Canola oil is most widespread in these plant food imitations. Stay away from these oils and the manufactured foods and baked goods that contain them. Stay away from olive oil too!

Reading food labels to accurately understand ingredients and nutritional values becomes an invaluable skill. There’s a long list of ingredients that you need to stay away from when you investigate food product labels.

And your body thus becomes what you eat. A gateway of JUNK for diseased conditions!

Healthy Eating Guide


So goodbye to meat, fish, chicken, dairy, A-L-L the foods of an animal-based diet, low carb high protein.

Through this healthy eating guide, it’s your intention during the next six weeks to recondition and retrain your taste buds to be appreciative of eating whole foods.

No need for any kind of craving control. Eat all you want. And lose weight too!

So what will a good daily healthy eating plan for going vegan consist of?

Eating a variety of foods from the following core food groups with some examples:

Fruits – peach, mango, avocado

Vegetables – broccoli, cabbage, seaweed

Mushrooms – portabella, shiitake, baby bella

Whole grains – sprouted grains, whole grain breads, whole grain pasta

Nuts – almonds, cashews, walnuts, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachio

Seeds – pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds

Legumes – beans, peas and lentils

Tubers – onions, garlic, ginger, carrots, potatoes, yams, rutabaga, beets

Spend some time with the healthy eating pyramid.

It will guide you on best food choices in combination to create your own U-nique diet. You are already familiar with these food types. Just have not been eating enough of them.

And remember, eat as much raw foods versus cooked foods as you can, on a daily basis.

Healthy Eating Guide

Weeks 4 to 9

Your eating patterns will vary. So during this phase, experiment with alkaline diet foods, with a fruit and vegetable diet, juicing diets, or a low fat high carbohydrate diet.

It’s important to consciously differentiate between the greasy heavy tastes of animal-protein foods and the natural aromatic flavorings of culinary herbs and spices in your vegan recipes and dishes.

Take note of your new intended consumption trends for a plant-based diet. Keep a written journal of your digestion, assimilation and elimination patterns. Observe… observe… observe… Tweak and adjust your eating naturally.

Benefits of this healthy eating guide for a plant-based diet of whole foods to build muscle, revitalize the body and stay healthy.

You will eventually become so very intuitive with your body, even sensing always what is the best combination of food as medicine to serve it. So intuitive, that you will also know when not to eat and for how long.

Become conscious of the benefits of chewing slowly and thoroughly. Follow the mantra: “Drink your food and eat your drink.” You will eventually notice plant-based meals are more cleaner and lighter, more easily digested.

Physiologically, the body utilizes this food more efficiently. You will be ingesting plant-based food as medicine, with natural easy laxative properties.

Sometimes, you may find yourself in social situations that may want you to compromise. SAY NO. TO YOURSELF THEN, AND OTHERS.

When asked: “So what do you eat?” Simply respond: “I eat plants!”

You will be amused by their further utterances. And you will remember this healthy eating guide!

Giving up meat consumption can seem a most daunting task. And the desire for meat does not go away so easily. Yet as you proceed through the upcoming weeks, you will discover some of the most delectable meals in food and drink conceivable. And your taste buds will change!

There will be day-to-day challenges. And as the weeks roll by, it gets easier. You will enjoy eating this way and be grateful for the nutritional benefits of a vegan diet. Only derived from your own personal experiences of eating good healthy natural plant-based foods.

AND... oh yes! Remember these...

• Those closest to you may not be supportive of you phasing out meat and dairy - some or all- and even going vegan. They may ridicule you initially, A-N-D thank you later on.

• Don’t ever go hungry – and for too long. This is when a piece of meat or refined snack food can stealthily journey along your esophagus.

• Know that you are worthy of the health benefits of a plant-based vegan vegetarian diet. Enjoy experimenting with these foods.

• Spending your time, energy and money to cultivate this change is really rewarding in the long run.

• Be attentive to your cravings and tastes. Create or source those vegan vegetarian meals that are fulfilling to your tastes.

• Eat a lot and eat a variety of foods. And remember, Drink your foods and eat your drinks.

• Don’t be discouraged by minor gastrointestinal discomforts. Sip herbal teas. Your body is adjusting and throwing off toxins. After-all, plant-based foods are natural laxatives!

• And do at least some walking for exercise. Ride your bike, run, swim or get into the gym.

Healthy Eating Guide

Week 10


So you can do this, huh? Congratulations!!

Repeat your measurements and compare.

Revisit your primary care physician and do another physical and blood-work.

See some positive health benefits? Even if you have one of those debilitating degenerative diseases? What about the weight loss?

The incurable can be cured. At last!

The big question is: “Should you discontinue eating animals completely?"

Consistently lowering the percentage consumption of total animal foods naturally improves overall health.

Even with about 10% animal- protein consumption of your total daily calories, you can experience tremendous benefits in overall health, energy and vitality.

Just imagine the increased benefits that are yours as the months go by with you being vegan – 0% consumption of meat and dairy! And it would have evolved, right here… with this healthy eating guide.

Continue to eat this way. It is simply delicious. It’s the healthiest way of eating. The world’s healthiest foods indeed!

Nature is your restaurant, serving you a menu of whole plant-based foods to nourish and sustain the core of your vitality.

Maintain your health and vitality. Reverse those so-called incurable conditions. Even the autoimmune diseases. Healthy eating natural plant-based food as medicine can and will heal - YOU.

So revisit this healthy eating guide often enough.

Pineapple fruit is a whole plant-based food

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