Healthy Eating Facts
The Value of Cravings

Here are some healthy eating facts to help recognize that cravings are windows to ultimate fulfillment.

Oftentimes you find yourself within the heat of a craving and are about to impulsively reach for food that is not good for you. Check yourself...

Take some deep breaths and ask yourself what is it your body truly needs. Try to diagnose what specific food nutrients, behaviors, disappointments or deficits of any kinds in your life that are really the root cause of your cravings.

HEALTHY EATING FACTS: Stop believing craving is a sign of weakness.

Stop following diets imposed unto you by others with all kinds of rules about what to eat and what not eat. That’s why you crave. The body does not work that way.

Stop believing it is your fault or your body’s fault that you are unable to adhere to the protocols of diet plans.

Inherent within ourselves is a guiding light that directs our food choices and this light does not want to be controlled or dictated to. So we have to trust in this gut inner light of guidance.

HEALTHY EATING FACTS: Craving is the gateway through which the body draws unto itself the best nutrients to fill us and fulfill us at every level of being physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

That’s how health and happiness works, with food as medicine. The inner being is always seeking to move us towards wellness by directing us to food choices that are highly nutritive and therapeutic, providing us with energy while elevating our moods and feelings.

Yet eating ‘wrong foods’ distorts our taste buds and our ability to nourish ourselves with healthy plant-based whole foods.

HEALTHY EATING FACTS: In life, craving expressed as strong desire, is the window to ultimate fulfillment.

Notice how we use food to trigger or create our moods and feelings.

Our cravings signal some kind of need, deficiency or imbalance. For example, you may feel lonely, so you munch on sweets like chocolates to elevate your moods. Many crave alcohol or sugar-based foods to release tension and stress. Salty snack foods can alleviate anger and frustration. When we are lethargic, dull and heavy, we drink coffee to boost and lighten up, and be energized.

Hours may pass and we may not eat a good nutritious meal because we are see-sawing between cravings and specific addictive snack foods for relief.

Then we begin to feel very hungry, weakened and empty. So we consume large meals mostly of meat and dairy options. Only to become tired and heavy from overeating predominant acidic animal foods, the digestion of which depletes our bodies’ energy resources.

So when you are caught up in the whirlwind of cravings, STOP… pause and ask yourself what’s really going on here in my body and in my life. That way you can reconfigure your food choices towards healthier options of plant-based wholesome foods with naturally occurring nutritive and medicinal value.

HEALTHY EATING FACTS: What really is my body in need of nutritionally?

In response, think about the different taste and flavor profiles: sweet, sour, acrid, pungent, bitter…

Then look into the major plant-based food groups to address the specific nutritional needs and then design your meal planning accordingly.

Or… What do I need most in my life? Here you need to explore emotional cravings that we attempt to satisfy with food. This becomes temporary satisfaction. The true fulfillment comes with addressing emotional needs. Maybe it’s just the need for a hug or perhaps, the need to overcome boredom by being more creative with your time.

Have fun with exploring the anatomy of your cravings and build a healthier relationship with natural whole foods.

Healthy Eatiing Facts: To appease cravings, pineapples are good foods to eat.

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