Good Sources of Protein: Amino Acids from Plant-Based Diet

As good sources of protein, the body utilizes plant-based foods most efficiently without compromising your health.

When you adhere to a whole foods plant-based diet, you receive ALL required nutrients inclusive of protein, within a synergistically arranged natural order. Everybody - the scientific community and the public - perceives plant protein as inferior or of low quality. In fact the belief is the highest quality of protein is synonymous with the greatest health benefits.

Yet when it comes to food and specifically protein, it does not work that way.

We are all looking for the highest quality and efficiency in everything we consider as food for good health that promotes overall bodily growth and development.

And so far, meat and dairy, as foods high in protein, dubiously carry that responsibility.

Yet the highest quality protein derived from meat and dairy – good sources of protein too - inevitably makes you obese, sick, tired or diseased.

And who wants to be obese, sick, tired or diseased anyways?

Protein contains nitrogen and when you adhere to an excessively high protein diet – as meat eaters do, the body has to literally engage in burning protein. As the years go by, this becomes more and more a very dirty and hazardous process. This constant activity further irritates and stresses bodily organs.

And what’s the outcome?

Nitrogenous wastes eventually disrupt the functioning of your immune system…

… and higher levels of toxicities accumulate in the liver.

Well, I am here to tell you that slow wins the race and that the stamp of quality and efficiency really belongs to plant protein and NOT animal protein.

Plant-based foods are the best protein. And you naturally consume far less plant foods with protein on a daily basis.

It’s like getting more miles per gallon on less fuel! That’s been my personal experience as a vegan for over 20 years.

When you eat a wide variety of plant-based foods the body slowly, cleanly, efficiently and effectively processes plant protein. You don’t have to be preoccupied with combining different plant foods to take care of perceived amino acid deficits.

No deficiencies from your daily protein requirement!

The body does that for you through a naturally inherent complex biochemical process involving metabolism.

You just have to follow a whole foods plant-based diet and freely enjoy eating.

You simply have to trust in a new belief about plant’s protein quality and efficiency as it relates to the greatest health. Natural organic whole foods are indeed good sources of protein.

Amino acids from a whole foods plant-based diet are the best source of protein.

So much documented evidence, the outcomes and conclusions of scientific research and clinical studies exist highlighting the power of a whole foods plant-based diet as highly beneficial food to mankind.

Dr John McDougall MD throughout his practice was convinced that plant foods have a complete amino acid composition. For many years he helped very sick patients get well using plant-based whole food as medicine.

Plants are indeed good sources of protein with no side effects of sickness and disease! Plants provide us with protein that the body burns cleanly and efficiently with the least minimal metabolic wastes of carbon dioxide and water.

Plants are not only good sources of protein, plant-based whole foods are healthy foods to eat, providing ALL required nutrients to sustain healthy living, disease-free.

Plant-based protein is a far more efficient form than animal protein for human biochemistry.

Vegan protein has worked well for me over the years and I wish the same for you. This will happen for you too as you REALLY get to know what is protein.

So get your good sources of protein from a wide variety of plant-based foods as outlined in the healthy eating pyramid and your body will be naturally wise enough to mix and match from its pool of amino acids into necessitated complete proteins.

Fruits like pineapple have amino acid and are good sources of protein.

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