Fruit Nutrition Facts: Whole Fruits Sustain your Power and Vitality

These fruit nutrition facts reveal the nourishing and healing properties of fruits. The human body flourishes in health from the phytonutrients obtained from whole fruit.

From my earliest childhood, I just intuitively knew of the benefits of fruit. In those days, milk and dairy foods made me sick. And as a child, I recognized that fruits and vegetables made me well again.

My family and everyone around me were heavy meat-eaters.

Though I was consuming much fish and some chicken, I never liked these foods. In fact I never really adapted well to animal foods, milk and dairy products.

Always had felt discomforted.

Besides, I loved the animals that were around me. We were friends. Some of them I got to know very well. The cows the goats, pigs, chickens, rabbits... I grew up with these guys during the holidays away from school.

The cow, especially, always intrigued me. Eating grass all day long toasted with a drink of water!

On a tropical island paradise like Trinidad & Tobago, a myriad of fruit, as the guava in this photo, is always available, in abundance.

Fruit nutrition facts tells us about the health benefits of the guava fruit.

And that availability became my connection to food and to fruit nutrition facts.

And of course families cultivated their own herb gardens and vegetables. My life as a child and teenager was a ritual of raw fruit - and garden vegetables.

To the extent that I would favor these foods, ESPECIALLY FRUIT, over the cooked and animal options.

So as I grew into early adulthood, I began appreciating the nutritional value of fruit.

I did not 'become' a vegan or plant-eater. I was always one, by natural design. It was more like realigning myself without effort, back to the original source of food and medicine for man... PLANTS!

Being vegan is the single thread knitting my entire life so far, due to a constantly deeper understanding and appreciation of fruit nutrition facts.

As an adult I look upon every serving of fruit consumed as being simultaneously, edible fruit AND medicinal fruit. That is the ultimate cognizant benefit of fruit consumption.

You don’t have to be actually sick, to be sick. Meaning, you don’t have to be experiencing symptoms to be in sickness mode. Sickness seems to be always going on in the body through bacterial activity. Is just that the phytonutrients in fruits as whole plant foods help keep everything in check...

... nourishing you and aiding your immune system to abort any inkling of disease. So you remain healthy. And when you are discomforted or sick, a wisely chosen fruit diet with therapeutic objectives in mind, can realign you back to wellness.

For example a blended concoction of some cayenne pepper powder, ginger root or powder, lime juice, papaya, kiwi and some water. Now that is food as medicine and medicine as food!

I have remained healthy over the years through gathering more and more personalized fruit nutrition facts.

These fruit facts are easily applicable to vegetables. It’s all nature’s secrets about plants. Yet they are really no secrets when you become a whole food plant-based eater.

Fruit Nutrition Facts
Overall Benefits

I am grateful for an ever increasing appreciation of the nutritional and therapeutic value of fruit as food. As a child, I only knew of the sheer ecstasies of edible fruit.

Freshly picked fruit in the natural state provide the highest nutritional values of antioxidants, protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, fiber and sugars. Fruit has beneficial nutrients to sustain optimal health.

I consider the natural water in fruit to be a specially unique element. Dried fruit loses this precious content.

The complex carbohydrates from fruit are easily the planet’s best for your health and vitality.

So too is the protein content from fruits. The caloric power of fruit sugar is easily unmatched. Essential fats in fruits help the body reserve fuel and generate energy, nourishing the brain and assisting the nervous system.

Vitamins and minerals work throughout the body and within cells.

Complex carbohydrates in fruit are more benficial to the body than the refined sugars in pastries.

As you gather more and more fruit nutrition facts, you will discover that…

Fruit is just awesome.

Still always better for you than the greatest dishes the best of chefs can create!

The more raw fruits you eat, the more your appetite for them increases. Your taste buds are reactivated.

Squeezing fruit of their juices or actually juicing the fruit is just as efficient as eating them.

Yet, eating the fruit is always the better way.

In some instances it can be more enjoyable to consume freshly squeezed fruit juices. Juicing can also be the best way to adapt to daily fruit consumption. Observe how your appetite for these juices as raw food will increase. Always best to have these juices at least half an hour before meals.

Stay away from those pasteurized juices in cans, glass bottles and cartons. Pasteurization is a heating process to eliminate bacterial activity. Heat alters the molecular structure of the enzymes causing the juices to depreciate in nutritional value. Then too these juices may be fortified with vitamins and minerals and even sugar.

A better choice than sodas though!

Yet, fresh fruit is the best.

Be appreciative of the people and environmental conditions responsible for the fruits that enter your mouth.

And every time you hold a fruit in your hands…

… be aware of its nutritional and therapeutic benefits. Hopefully you will remember then these fruit nutrition facts.

Pineapple fruit is a whole plant-based food.

Disclaimer: The advice given here is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information for educational purposes only. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider. All the content of this website is based upon the opinions, experiences and research of Keith F Gittens – Keithos, unless otherwise noted and is not intended as medical advice.

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