Most Modern Physicians
Prescribe Drugs

Food as Medicine – NO!

Hippocrates the father of physicians, demonstrated the use of food as medicine for nutritional and therapeutic benefits when he declared:

"Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food."

Modern physicians are peddlers of pharmaceutical drugs. Just a token few will prescribe plant-based nutrition as therapy. So much medical science and food technology are in our midst. Yet diseases and illnesses continue to ravage mankind.

The benefits of food as medicine reveal itself in our bodies.

Anything done or practiced 3-5 times a day will have a direct tangible result or outcome.

And so it is with food.

The result of our daily eating is evidenced in our bodies as health or disease.

Plant-based whole foods have powerful healing phytonutrient effects favorable to our health.

For example, citrus fruits as medicine have naturally occurring acids that are alkaline forming in our bodies. These acids help the body excrete carcinogenic materials out of tissues and cells, thereby reversing diseased states.

Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale and spinach provide phytochemicals like lutein and zeaxanthin that nourish the retina of the eyes from macular degeneration.

Cruciferous vegetables have isothiocyanates that protect cellular DNA. Soy has isoflavones that can reverse breast cancer.

Fruits and vegetables are inherently food as medicine. They are easily the best therapy to aid healing and maintain optimal health.

You also need to avoid toxic agro chemicals – fungicides, herbicides, pesticides. And of course genetically modified or engineered foods. So eating organic natural whole food is important to your health.

Your body has an innate ability to heal itself once you cooperate with it.

And you can support this inner natural healing power by adhering to a dietary prescription of plant-based whole foods with easy healthy recipes to sustain nutritional and therapeutic needs.

The guidelines of this website and your own instinctive preferences for natural whole foods will help you create that perfect U-nique dietary regimen of food as medicine.

Pineapples are good food as medicine

Disclaimer: The advice given here is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information for educational purposes only. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat a health problem or disease without consulting with a qualified health care provider. All the content of this website is based upon the opinions, experiences and research of Keith F Gittens – Keithos, unless otherwise noted and is not intended as medical advice.

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