Easy Healthy Recipes
for your

Transformation Diet

Fatfree.com has a database of easy healthy recipes for meal planning and great nutritious vegan cooking in your kitchen.

So how to become a vegetarian?

Or are you interested in a low fat vegan diet menu?

This extensive database is mostly vegan-based and uses whole food materials. Many of these meals you can create in minutes.

The website offers very specific dishes to create breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. This includes sandwiches and snacks. They have a section of regional vegan dishes: Indian, Chinese, Japanese and Mexican.

You also have access to recipes for specific foods like: fruits, tofu, rice, couscous, beans, grains and potatoes. All of which provide good quality carbohydrates.

Other major categories with some examples are:

  • SALADS – pasta, bean, grain, potato
  • SOUPS – general, stews, stocks, chili, fruit
  • BREADS – yeast breads, muffins, corn bread
  • DESSERTS – brownies, cakes, cookies, pies, frozen
  • CONDIMENTS – salad dressings, dips, spreads, chutneys, hummus

So, be your own chef and doctor too. Let your food choices and food combinations be of valuable nutrition and therapy.

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Have fun home cooking with these easy recipes from FATFREE.COM!

And E-N-J-O-Y creating your own U-nique personalized diet…

Fruits like pineapples make for quick easy healthy recipes.

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