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And welcome to the journey of healthy eating natural food as medicine for optimal health, strength, fitness and vitality.

I'm Keith F Gittens.

Those in my inner circle affectionately call me Keithos. And I'm onboard as your Healthy Eating Advisor.

With this website you discover more and more how eating food influences the entire body chemistry.

… that a predominant diet of animal protein and processed foods is a prescription for sickness and disease,

… while a vegan vegetarian diet of plant-based natural wholesome foods engenders vibrant health and wellness.

Those who adopt the principles of plant-based nutrition will shift their relationship with food towards the benefits of natural healing and healthier day-to-day living.

We need to adopt a new belief system towards healthy eating: food, diet and nutrition. We need to correct our erroneous thinking about the true value of meat and dairy consumption. It’s amazing how human beings choose to defy nature by drinking milk beyond early infancy and for the rest of our lives.

We all love food and must eat. Yet we need to appreciate that every morsel into our mouths ought to have nutritional and therapeutic value.

Meat and dairy have nutritional value indeed; therapeutic… NO! And that’s why humans are tired, sick, diseased and obesed.

I exhort you to be your own doctor. Eat and live according to the teachings of Hippocrates and let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.

So this website can benefit from the vegan vegetarian to the highest protein low fat low carbohydrate meat eater.

And everyone else!

From young people and teenagers choosing the vegan vegetarian way to…

You in the home responsible for the meals on the table and the health of your loved ones. Or you who are sick, tired, overweight, or struggling with an incurable disease. Perhaps you are an elder, or someone recuperating from illness or surgery.

And of course you who are a peak performer, seeking to maintain superb health and fitness.

So, our ultimate destination is the creation of your own U-nique recipe for a lifestyle of healthy eating natural plant-based whole foods to restore and/or maintain energy and vitality.

So, what's next?



And ENJOY creating YOUR own recipe of food as medicine.

Here's a little bit more.

Keithos is your experienced hands-on guide, a Master Herbalist, vegan vegetarian for over 20 years and he works in a health foods & supplements environment.

And he’s here to help, YOU… understand how to stay healthy and/or regain your health.


'Nuff' talk, let's start... Choose a topic of interest from the important pages below and…

Time for T-A-K-E O-F-F!



A to Z Medical Diseases: Health Topics, Drugs & Supplements, Videos & Tools
Everything to know about symptoms, diagnosis and causes of the a to z medical diseases. Be informed whether sick and tired or just want to remain healthy. Take control of your own health.
Healthy eating Guidelines on Plant-Based Whole Foods to Improve Your Health
Take authority of your health and let your food be your medicine. Be your own doctor. Adopt simple healthy eating guidelines to sustain energy and vitality. Reverse sickness and disease.
Why is Plant-Based Nutrition Important to Your Health and Vitality
Nutrition can sustain health, create or avert disease through the interactions of nutrients and chemicals in digested foods with bodily fluids. On this premise we see why is nutrition important.
Good Sources of Protein are Natural Plant-Based Whole Foods
Amino acids from a whole foods plant-based diet are good sources of protein. The body utilizes plant protein most efficiently without compromising your health.
Food As Medicine: Best Therapy To Aid Healing
Most modern physicians are peddlers of pharmaceutical drugs. Hippocrates demonstrated the use of food as medicine for nutritional and therapeutic benefits.
Contact us page for
Use this contact us page for any questions or comments to Keithos about information related to healthy eating natural food as medicine.
The Plant-Based Whole Foods Nutrition Blog
The Plant-Based Nutrition Blog keeps you up-to-date with all additions and changes to the Web site. Subscribe here.
For Minerals in Food Best Dietary Sources are Plant-Based Whole Foods
Bodily processes require minerals in food derived from plants. Your metabolism depends on plants to convert inorganic rock crystals into minerals that the body can assimilate.
Causes of Coronary Heart Disease: Diet and Lifestyle
Starting causes of coronary heart disease are deposits of waste materials from animal foods. An animal-based diet and lifestyle choices create disease.
Fruit Nutrition Facts on Nutritional and Therapeutic Benefits of Whole Fruit
The contents of a whole fruit sustain your power and vitality. These fruit nutrition facts reveal the nourishing and healing properties of fruits.
Healthy Eating Guide to Transition to a Vegan Vegetarian Plant-Based Diet
Change your diet from disease-producing foods to a healing diet of whole plant-based foods as medicine. This healthy eating guide shows you how to adapt to being vegan.
Whey Protein Side Effects Are Quietly Lethal
The human body needs protein from sources that have minimal or no adverse impact on bodily systems. Whey protein side effects emerge as maladies and ailments.
Healthy Food Tips For Craving Sugar
Sugar craving is the body’s signal for specific energy nutrients. These healthy food tips show how to interpret sugar cravings.
Craving Healthy Nutritious Snack Foods: Hot, Spicy, Bitter and Salty
Choose an active plant-based lifestyle that includes satisfying cravings with healthy nutritious snack foods to improve your health and avoid disease.
Vegetable Nutrition Facts to Ensure Being Biochemically Balanced
We best sustain our bodies with foods as carbohydrates and other chemical compounds from plants. Vegetable nutrition facts reveal how plants create vitally energizing nutrients.
Legal Notice and Disclaimer for
Terms and conditions for legal notice and disclaimer.
Healthy Eating Facts: The Anatomy Of Cravings
Craving is the window to ultimate fulfillment. These healthy eating facts reveal the value of cravings.
Best Healthy Foods To Eat As Raw Materials Of Nutrition
Healthy foods to eat should have only organic compounds. To qualify as a healthy food to eat, a substance must not contain any worthless or harmful ingredients.
Nutrition Facts in Fruits Vegetables: Phytochemicals as Food and Medicine
Phytochemicals from plants are vital to the body. These nutrition facts in fruits vegetables reveal essential benefits of phytochemicals.
Digestion Time Slows Up Due To Putrefying Protein Foods
Impaired digestion time results in digestive inefficiency and eventual failure. A diet of meat and dairy products eventually disrupts digestive function.
Heart Disease Pictures: Slideshows on Symptoms, Tests, Treatments, Cholesterol
Here’s a visual guide of heart disease pictures. Be familiar with symptoms NOT to ignore. Eliminate dietary cholesterol.
Easy Healthy Recipes For Vegan Home Cooking
Nutritious healthy eating involves meal planning and preparation. Here are some easy healthy recipes for your transformation diet and vegan cooking.
Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Naturally
You can manage blood pressure by adopting a whole foods diet. All the foods that lower blood pressure are of a plant-based wholesome nature.
Foods To Avoid High Cholesterol: Animal Foods
Foods to avoid high cholesterol are meat and dairy products. They are the sole sources of dietary cholesterol. Fruits and vegetables do not have cholesterol.
Best Low Sodium Foods To Reverse Disease & Maintain Health
Eating according to the principles of plant-based nutrition keeps the body fit and strong. That way you inevitably will be nourishing your body with the best low sodium foods.
Low Salt Foods: Guidelines For Your Wellbeing
Eating low salt foods can preserve your health. We eat to provide the body with phytonutrients inclusive of minerals such as sodium.
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